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Zoning and Property Information

Wondering what you can do with your property? How you use your land and where you can build on it depends on your zoning and Countywide Plan Designation.

What are Zoning and Countywide Plan Designations?

The Countywide Plan is a bigger picture plan that tells us where things should go in the county. Countywide Plan Designations establish how much and what kind of development can happen in each area of the county. This assigns density and building intensity, also known as floor area ratio. Zoning corresponds with these designations.

Zoning is our way of grouping areas and assigning specific regulations for development. Zoning rules tell you what you can use your land for and how to build on it. Zoning also establishes standards and procedures for building setbacks, height, and floor area ratios.

How do I find my Zoning and Countywide Plan Designation?

  1. Type in your address or your Assessor Parcel Number (shown on your tax documents). Vacant parcels are only searchable by Assessor Parcel Number.
  2. Begin typing the full address or Assessor Parcel Number, including leading zeros. A drop down with matching addresses or Assessor Parcel Numbers will appear.
  3. If the address or Assessor Parcel Number you are searching for appears in the drop down, select it, then click the "Look Up" button.