Zoning and Property Information

Each property is within a particular zoning district, which has regulations about how that property can be used and developed. In addition, every property has a Countywide Plan Designation, which defines how that property can be zoned. Community Plans have been established for some areas of Marin County, and these Community Plans may contain policies that affect the use or development of a particular property. By entering a property address or tax assessor's parcel number (shown on title and tax documents) in the space provided below, you can look up a property's zoning and Countywide Plan designation and also find out if that property is within an area with a Community Plan. Once you have found the zoning and other information for the property, you can navigate to our  Plans, Policies, and Regulations page to find relevant planning documents. We have created two fact sheets that summarize various development standards for some of our most common zoning districts. You can navigate to our Development Standards Summary[PDF] for properties in most of the County, or navigate to our Coastal Development Standards Summary[PDF] for properties that are in the Coastal Zone. You can also contact or visit our planning service counter for more information.

  1. You can look up a parcel by address or by parcel number i.e. 123-456-78, include leading zeros Vacant parcels can only be searched by parcel number.
  2. Begin to type in the full address or parcel number, include leading zeros. A drop down with matching known addresses will appear.
  3. If the address or parcel number you are searching for appears in the drop down, select it and click "Look Up" button.

Format 999-999-99